Gaming Trends – Evolution of eSports


The Gaming industry has taken a big step in the past few years with competitive gaming tournaments being held the world over. Electronic sports or eSports refers to organized competitions where pro-gamers or amateur players compete with each other in electronic games for a prize pool. As one of the fastest growing sports in the world, eSports lacks exposure and deeper understanding. Continue Reading


Have you heard about Google’s OSS FUZZ Testing Tool?

Fuzz testing

Past week Google announced a project called OSS-Fuzz. This ideology is related to fuzz testing.

The purpose behind developing OSS FUZZ is to use the tool in development environment and locate the threats, which can potentially turn into severe vulnerability. OSS-Fuzz already has a remarkable case of vulnerabilities found, from running over 4 trillion test cases per week. Continue Reading


Difference between Smoke Testing & Sanity Testing


Smoke testing and Sanity testing two most confusing topics in software testing. There are a lot of explanations and definitions but this article is to clear the confusion between both the testing methods. Continue Reading