Understanding Gamer’s Psyche


Video games always give phenomenal experience to the gamers who play it. Those who are a part of gaming fraternity will always be proud of it. Most gamers abide to rules, traditions, and a set of standards. The gamers will fall into certain types. Whether by choice or circumstance; they are going to be in one of them. Continue Reading


Continuous Integration Testing with Jenkins


In software development and testing fields, Continuous Integration (CI) is an exercise of combining all development work to a shared main server several times a day.  The goal of CI is to reduce time and effort required for a product launch. The process of continuous integration is achieved with the help of version control, strategies & contracts and special tools.

One of the famous tools used for CI testing is Jenkins. Continue Reading


Selenium Test Automation Framework – Web Application Testing


Web application testing is nothing but checking for its performance, functionality, compatibility, security and UI or usability before it reaches end customers.  But the ever changing challenges are,

  • Frequent changes in the web application
  • Increasing number of supporting browsers, devices and OSs

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