Advantage of Software Testing Outsourcing


Why do Industry Leaders want to Outsource Testing?

Advantage of Software Testing Outsourcing

We have discussed a lot about the expectations of an organization from a software testing vendor in our previous blog.

Let’s now find out why Leaders believe in outsourcing software testing activities.

Flexibility & Scalability  Testing vendor will have appropriately sized infrastructure and resource to ensure an effective response to any fluctuations that arise in scope or timescales.

Infrastructural Cost is saved – The investment for building a sophisticated hardware and software to perform testing is completely eliminated, as it is taken care by the software testing vendor. The initial capital investment to set up a testing lab is very.

Lacking objectivity Outsourced testers, see the project independently, with renewed senses. Also, the test knowledge repository pertaining to domain will help testing vendors to provide ‘out of the box’ solution

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Rigid Workforce Usually, the outsourced testing vendor will always have specialized testing resources. Thus, the work done is better and with advanced time to market.

Cost saving in HR Investment for Training and development the resource for software testing will be reduced.

Better Focus As development is the organization’s core process, it can work towards strengthening it and can leave the entire testing processes for the outsourced testing vendors to do.

If you think we have missed few point, please feel free to share your views as the comment.

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