An Intern’s Introspection


I started interning at Indium exactly five weeks ago, and I already have memories here that I will hold very dear to me. Interning with the HR department has been wonderful and since this is my first foray into the corporate world, it has been a welcome surprise.

I did not know what to expect when I joined Indium. Everyone I asked had only one thing to say – “Oh, the 9 to 5 life? It’s going to be such a drag.” So, understandably I was scared. As a millennial, I felt offended to be bogged down by such a life. As many movies and books have told me, I am meant to travel the world, and find new things and meet new people and have enriching experiences. So, I thought this was how my job/internship was supposed to be as well.

Oh, but how wrong I was.

When I walked into Indium for the first time on a bright Monday morning, I was visited by my HR executive.  There was finally a face to the voice that I had been communicating to for the past three months and what a charming face that was. With the biggest smile on her face, she welcomed me to the office and slowly I could feel the fear vanishing away.

I learnt that our dreams and passions are one thing, and they are very important, but there needs to be a way in which we can reach these dreams, and if doing a 9-5 job is a means to the end, then why not do it? And it’s never like how the movies show it to be. There is never the monotony of life, there is no “dismally staring into the abyss of nothingness, waiting for the darkens to consume you”.

As 20-odd year olds, who have just gotten out of college, we are always eager to step into the corporate life. We have studied 16-18 years, mostly without a break and we have always had a thirst for knowledge, from every class we passed, to every semester we cleared, and sometimes not. We have always made sure that we don’t stop. Then why do we sometimes reach an impasse when we start working? One thing we must always keep in mind is not quench that thirst for knowledge. We must always be focussed on learning more, and gaining more knowledge about the fields that we work in.

A quote that has resonated with me through my life is, “I don’t love studying, I hate studying. I love learning. Learning is beautiful.”

And it is, when we learn, we do it for ourselves, we do it increase our mental capacity thus broadening our minds. This is where the concept of practical knowledge comes into play.

At Indium, the base is learning. Every day I walk into office with an open mind, and I walk out with a bundle of knowledge. My theories and the knowledge that the text books have given me work only to a certain extent. They do work, and are very essential while making decisions, but what is important is practical knowledge. Every decision that is taken is done in tandem with everyone involved. A mutual consensus is reached and the best decision for the company is then taken.

Indium is an endorser of individual thinking. I joined here as an intern in the HR department, but I have made presentations relating to the game testing field, participated in a Sales pitch activity and contributed my thoughts on Indium’s marketing collaterals and. It is not just one stream that is worked upon, rather a culmination of several streams to give in as much knowledge as possible.

Thus, the thirst for knowledge is atomically built here. Since our company deals with software testing and game testing, it is well known that everyone must be updated with the emerging technologies in the fields. Thus, learning constantly is key.

Indium is an ever-growing company. This means that there is always scope for growing and a scope for meeting your ambitions. Goals are set every day, and they are reached in time and successfully.

One key factor in me being happy at Indium is my mentor. My mentor at Indium has helped me in every step I have taken in the firm so far. He has pushed me to do my best and has helped me in every way he can by taking time out of his busy schedule and spend time with me every day to give me points on how I can make my presentations better, how I should conduct research on certain topics and how I must work in the field that I’m interning in.

And there are is not just this at Indium that will make every day special.

There are positive vibes reaching you every time you open the door and people you look at wish you to have a good day.
There are new projects somethings you know about and have learnt, on your table for you to complete and give your best shot in.
There are those lunch breaks where you laugh so much with your colleagues that you forget to breathe for five minutes and you’re just silently laughing, looking like a manic seal.

There is the part where you get advice on previous and current projects from your boss, who is only more than willing to provide you with all the knowledge that he has with you.
There are the inter department teasing and leg pulling sessions that will make you snicker as you’re sitting in your cubicle and trying not to laugh, in the meantime also getting you acquainted to the other people working in the office.
There are the intense discussions that you will have about a movie that released or a TV show whose episode just aired the previous evening.
And of course, there are the weekend plans that you make with your colleagues turned friends to watch those movies.

I have been here for just a few weeks, but they have made a lasting impression in my mind. I have made friends who have guided me through some difficult spots that I thought I wouldn’t be able to get out of. I have made friends with whom I can talk freely about anything that I feel like. And it has been amazing.

And there is always time for your passion, if you want to make time. Weekends are always there. There are always the post work hours where one can work on what one wants to do.

So, what I have learnt being here is that the regular job life might be boring, but its only boring if you make it that way.

I have chosen to do the opposite and so far, it has been just amazing.



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  1. I am glad you are enjoying here as an Intern. I notice that you too are contributing and value adding.
    You are most welcome, post your education. Wishing you all the best!

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