Decoding the FinTech Industry

testing fintech apps

Why a deep understanding of the overall FinTech industry is crucial, to serve customers with appropriate testing solutions?

The use of technology in global financial services is certainly not new. From trading desks and investment banking to corporate and retail banking, technology has been the backbone of banking operations for over two decades now. So, what exactly is this buzz we’re hearing about FinTech? The term is loosely used these days – to refer to all kinds of technology from wallets and mobile payment apps to small & medium enterprise (SME) lending and, even, expense management apps. Continue Reading


Testing Federal Bank Application – A Success Story

Indium is one of the leading preferred QA partners for the home loan banks in the US.

Indium Software has been one of the early birds in the testing space providing End to End Testing/QA Services across a wide range of technologies. Many of our banking customers are happy to engage with us for enhancing their application/product quality and reduce the risk of failures. Continue Reading


Ban’KING’ Application should be validated as a ‘KING’

The present growth of universe is unarguable due to the enhancement of technology. In the recent days the technology has become the part and parcel of our daily life. With the advent of new softwares, all the functions which can be done via web can be easily done through our mobile-phones too. In the same foots of technology advancement, all the banking applications can be done through mobile-phones now a days. Continue Reading