An Imaginary Conversation between Manual Testing and Automated Testing


Hello All

Let’s see what they have discussed.

AT : Hello my dear friend how are you! What’s up?
MT : So far so good. Any special plans for the Test Automation day?
AT : Bang on!! In fact, I came here to invite you as a “Special Guest” for this event.
MT : Oh really! You got to be kidding.
AT : OH no nooo!!! Here is the invitation Continue Reading


To Deliver Business Values, First “Understand”

Note of Thanks: Thanks to all who reads my blog. I am writing on “Requirement Analysis” based on the request I received from one of our associate. Hope this helps to understand the “Requirement Analysis” activities in detail.

No Wonder…!!!! We know that Very Good Test Requirements are important to establish a higher quality Test Strategy for the project that leads to better Test planning. We should always keep in mind that Requirement Analysis is primarily focusing on “Understanding” than the Optimization.

Let us see how to understand the Requirements through Analysis. Continue Reading


Successful completion of Functional Testing project for a Client based out of Singapore

Solution Details, Singapore

Accolades to the team for the excellent work that was delivered with dedication, commitment & Team work. Thank you for all the hard work and for the initiatives implemented adding values to the product. Continue Reading


Functional Testing Services

Find Defects before your customers do

In today’s global economy, introducing newer software applications/products are critical for a business to retain and gain market share.

Indium’s Outsourced Functional Testing Practice helps these businesses ensure the functionality, usability and stability of their software applications/products before deployment, thus achieving higher user satisfaction. Continue Reading