An Imaginary Conversation between Manual Testing and Automated Testing


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Let’s see what they have discussed.

AT : Hello my dear friend how are you! What’s up?
MT : So far so good. Any special plans for the Test Automation day?
AT : Bang on!! In fact, I came here to invite you as a “Special Guest” for this event.
MT : Oh really! You got to be kidding.
AT : OH no nooo!!! Here is the invitation Continue Reading


Nothing can imagine like if website testing didn’t exist!!!

Are you thinking “Web Application Testing” is irrelevant? Feeling your job is not appreciated as it should be? Well not at all. Thank you all, website testers are all making the Internet a truly wonderful place. Thanks to you,there is progress and healthy competition amongst various website developers. “How would the internet look without you testing it? Horrible!” Continue Reading


How (bad) bug reports can increase project cost?

In my 4+ years of experience as a Software Tester, I have come across large number of bug reports which I have read for my own learning.
There were awesome, bad, freaking bad, good bug reports :-) I asked myself, how does a bug report help or not help in a project considering the money a customer is spending on this project. We always talk about cost-saving, but the fact is; we don’t think about minute things which could actually increase the cost of a project. Yes, and one of the thing includes “Bug Reports” increasing your costs. Continue Reading


To Deliver Business Values, First “Understand”

Note of Thanks: Thanks to all who reads my blog. I am writing on “Requirement Analysis” based on the request I received from one of our associate. Hope this helps to understand the “Requirement Analysis” activities in detail.

No Wonder…!!!! We know that Very Good Test Requirements are important to establish a higher quality Test Strategy for the project that leads to better Test planning. We should always keep in mind that Requirement Analysis is primarily focusing on “Understanding” than the Optimization.

Let us see how to understand the Requirements through Analysis. Continue Reading


In Exploratory We EXPLORe

Some Lines…About…..

This is my very first blog in web and of course for Indium too (iBlog Indiumsoft). So I would like to acknowledge the Indiumites to whom I extend my heartfelt gratitude for spending their valuable time for reading this blog ….  Thank You.

Exploratory testing is a type of testing where we have to see it as a platform to explore more in software testing. For example, when we Google the key word “Exploratory Testing”, there are n number of definitions found likely. But It is really worth when we explore more in exploratory testing through experiencing our own methodology and also which grows through experience. Continue Reading