Top Performance Testing Tools

Top Performance Testing Tools

What happens when millions of users with their unique credentials try to login at a time?
How will you forecast and prevent performance outages?

The best way this situation can be handled is through – virtual user (VU). For all our tests, the VU behaves just the way a real user would.
For the creation of as many VUs, as you would require and simulate real-time conditions, performance testing tools are employed. Not only that, Performance testing also tests for the peak load usage, breakdown point, long-term usage, etc.

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Mobile Game Testing – Performance Testing Evaluation

Mobile Game Performance Testing

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Mobile Application – Performance Testing & Engineering

mobile apps performance testing

Why is performance testing important for mobile apps?

Why is performance testing important and why should you be doing it? Well, very simply, it is the key to user engagement, getting people to use your app and continue using your app. Continue Reading