Regression Testing for Mobile Applications – Unveiling the ways for Successful Mobile Automation Testing

Regression Testing for Mobile Apps

The term ‘regression’ sounds very tedious, terrifying and too technical, but it’s really not.
Literally, “regression” means “going back” to the previous state of your application just to ensure that any new change, bug fix, patch or version did not disturb the existing code of the application and the app runs as expected.

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Automated Regression Testing Challenges in Agile Environment

Regression Testing in Agile

Starting an Automated Regression Testing with Agile methodologies?

what i am doing“Is it possible to use Agile methodologies in Automated Regression Testing?”,

“Can traditional tools be used”?

“How efficient open-source testing tools are?”

“What are the challenges of implementing regression test automation in Agile Environment”.

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Difference Between Regression Testing & Retesting

Difference Between Regression Testing Retesting

Many testing aspirants have difficulty in understanding the difference between regression testing and retesting. In this blog, we are going to look into the key difference between these two types of testing. Also, we are going to learn more about the relationship between regression testing and retesting. Continue Reading


Best Regression Testing Tools

Best regression testing toolHello, Readers!!

In our earlier blogs on Regression Testing, we discussed in detail about fundamentals of regression testing, challenges, need, advantage, etc. In this blog, we are going to discuss the top regression testing tools. Test Automation is a key for regression testing. Manual regression testing tends to get more expensive and time consuming with each new release. Test Automation always complements the regression test process. Automated Regression Testing is the testing area where one can automate most amount of the regression testing efforts. All the previously executed test cases can be run on new build. This means that the test cases are set and running these test cases manually is time-consuming. Automating these test cases is time-saving and is an efficient regression test method. Having said that, the magnitude of regression test automation depends on the number of test cases that are going to remain applicable during the regression cycle time. If test cases are varying time to time as application scope is increasing, then automation of regression procedure will be tedious and the waste of time. Continue Reading