A Complete Guide to Penetration Testing

A complete guide to penetration testing

What is penetration testing?

Penetration Testing is a type of security testing process to identify possible security vulnerabilities within your application by using malicious techniques. Here the application will be exploited for vulnerabilities through an authorized attack. The purpose of Penetration Testing is to secure your data from malicious attacks. Penetration Testing, also called as Pen Test is a way of ethical hacking performed by the tester to make sure proper defensive measures are employed. Continue Reading


Literature Review on Security Challenges in Cloud Computing

Security Challenges in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, an Internet-based computing system and the next stage in the evolution of the Internet has grabbed the spotlight and elevated IT to newer limits by changing the way of obtaining computing resources like computers, infrastructures, data storage, and application services. Cloud computing leads an opportunity in offering testing as a service (TaaS) for SaaS and can be deployed as Public, Private, Hybrid or Community. Software applications or products have been marketed as ‘On Demand’ business model in cloud SaaS with more efficiency than ever before and shift from server to service-based technology. However, these developments have created new security vulnerabilities including security issues which hamper the growth of cloud. According to the recent IDC [International Data Corporation] Cloud Services survey, 87.5% of IT cloud computing concerns are for Security Issues. Continue Reading


WannaCry – Taking Ransomware Protection to Next Level


What is WannaCry?

A worldwide cyber-attack has been happening since Friday, affecting more than 200,000+ organizations in 150+ countries. The WANNACRY RANSOMWARE ATTACK has rapidly become the nastiest digital disaster to strike the internet, crippling transportation and hospitals globally. But, it progressively appears that it is not the work of hacker brains. Instead, cyber-security detectives see the recent breakdown of cyber-criminal scheme, which reveals amateur mistakes made at every steps. Continue Reading