Why Selenium is more popular than other test automation tools?

Selenium Test Automation

The global Test Automation Market is projected to reach US$ 109.69 bn by 2025. It is clear that there is an increasing demand for Test Automation Services worldwide, as it has become exponentially efficient and saves a lot of time. Apart from periodic implementation and least amount of human effort, the most notable business advantage of test automation is a high level of accuracy.


Software development practice has seen radical changes over the time, so do tools and technologies. These changes are aimed to improve quality, productivity and shorten delivery time. Software testing evidently plays a vital role in achieving these goals. With the increased demand for test automation especially in the field of IT, and several automation tools available at the disposal, Selenium has been a stand-out in this space. Let’s look into some of the reasons why Selenium is more popular than other tools?

Selenium is an open-source tool used to test web applications. It was originally developed by Jason Huggins in 2004. In 2004, when no one was talking about Agile and DevOps, Selenium was developed keeping in mind agile infrastructure and DevOps workflow. The response for Selenium in the early stages was not good. Since then, it has come a long way and has become one of the most used test automation tools.


How Popular is Selenium?

Selenium is probably the most popular test automation tool in the market at present. Here are few statistics demonstrating the same.

Testing Tools Market Share
Top Industries that use Selenium
Top Companies that use Selenium

Pros & Cons of Selenium


Why organizations prefer Selenium while there are several automation tools that deliver more or less the same results?


Yes! you read it right. Since Selenium is an open source automation tool there is no licensing cost involved, which is a big advantage compared with other tools. Though, there is no official support available since it is an open-source tool, some of the brightest minds are behind the success of this tool which makes the selenium community strong and growing. The community based technical support is also available for free. Now that’s a lot of savings.

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Selenium is all about choices. It offers unlimited choices to testers from languages to the operating system.

Even though Selenium has its own script, Selenese, it doesn’t limit to that language. It offers testers the flexibility to choose any programming languages from Java, Perl, PHP, Python etc.

Selenium supports many IDE such as Visual Studio, NetBeans, and Eclipse.

It also supports various operating systems like, Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

Selenium also provides support across multiple browsers.

Easy to Handle

Selenium in stark contrast with its competitors is very easy to use. The UI of the tool is designed in a way to help the users understand it easily with features like ‘click of a button’ and ‘type words in any of the field boxes’. Selenium can automate the test process with a basic set of instructions. In other words, you do not need a much of programming knowledge to use this tool.

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Features of Selenium

Selenium is not just a single tool, it is a complete package. It is a suite of tools consists of quite a few components, each one of them playing an explicit role in the development of web applications.


Selenium’s Community

The technical support for Selenium is completely dependent on its community as it is an open-source tool. Fortunately for Selenium, it has a huge and responsive community that enables constant updates and upgrades to the tool. Selenium has a large and active user community that offers comprehensive support. This makes the tool highly resourceful and cost-effective.


Irrespective of numerous tools on the market, Selenium was still considered as the first choice for many testing projects. Also, if you’re considering a tool that requires minimal programming knowledge, Selenium should be your first preference. Right from open source nature to cross-platform compatibility, Selenium is a diverse testing package. Selenium offers an organization the best when it comes to test automation.

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