Top iOS Testing Frameworks

Top iOS Application Testing Frameworks

Did you know that the total number of iOS devices sold in the
market is 250 Million+?
11% of the iOS users remove the app after crashes
45% of iOS users would remove the paid apps after crashes
69% of iOS users would will stop playing and remove the games after first crash
6-7 iOS devices are sold every second

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Mobile Testing with Simulators/Emulators vs Real Devices

Simulators Emulators Real Devices

Mobile testing has become a nightmare due to increasing number of devices and configurations that mobile apps and websites need to be cross-checked against. These tests should confirm the seamless running of applications. Thankfully, today we have a wide range of testing tools for thorough testing.

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Mobile Application – Performance Testing & Engineering

mobile apps performance testing

Why is performance testing important for mobile apps?

Why is performance testing important and why should you be doing it? Well, very simply, it is the key to user engagement, getting people to use your app and continue using your app. Continue Reading


The Basics of Mobile Web Apps Testing On Real Devices Using Selenium / Appium


First Thing First: Appium Equals Selenium

Appium is just like Selenium – but only for mobile apps and games “. One should have heard about it many times, but in fact, Appium is much more than that.

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