Data Quality Validation

Next Level of Technology Transformation

The data volumes stored by enterprises are in several billions and even trillions in most cases. Indium’s team of experts use validation rules to make sure that data is cleansed thoroughly and the quality of data is immaculate. We validate, systematize and enrich the data using our Data Quality Validation process. We have successfully delivered projects with large volume and complexity of data in the past. Our customers have achieved next level of technology transformation with the historical data and primed for effective decision making.

ETL is a tedious process and could lead to the data source not being mapped properly, or else executed properly. Moreover, the data received from various sources lack cohesion. At Indium, we ensure that we identify and eliminate the data errors that occur during the processing of data, for reporting. To solve the business needs, we have developed a comprehensive solution that will make sure that the process is accurate and the results are delivered as promised.

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Data Quality

Phases of Data Quality Validation

  • Understand the requisites of the business.
  • Test Planning and Estimation/Assessment
  • Test Case Design and Preparation of Test Data
  • Execution of tests with Bug reports and closure
  • Final/Summary report and result analysis
  • Test Closure


  • Data source identification and Requirements identification
  • Acquisition of Data
  • Business Logic implementation and dimensional modeling
  • Data building and population
  • Report building

We offer Data Quality Validation services irrespective of ETL tools or technology used. Our services include:

  • Navigation/GUI Testing

Navigation/GUI testing is equally important to ensure all aspects of front-end reports are covered, and corrective measures are applied.

  • Validation/Source-to-target Testing

Post the data transformation process, the data correctness test is performed. Apart from validation of end to end data, our testing procedure also outlines remediation which ensures future data corruption does not take place.

  • Testing for Data Completeness

Following the validation testing, accurate loading verification is done. Accurate loading verification into the warehouse is done by comparing validation counts, aggregates and spot checks. This is done on a timely basis between random actual and target data.

  • Metadata Testing

We have automated metadata testing procedures that include close checks on Data type, data length, Restrictions/Index etc.

  • Incremental ETL Testing

We provide incremental ETL testing services to check the reliability of new and old data after the addition of new data. We will also verify that the updates and inserts are being processed as expected during the incremental ETL process.

  • Data Transformation Testing

Data transformation testing can get complicated at times since multiple SQL queries may need to be run to verify all transformation rules conform to the business rules. Our techniques ensure saving time on this tedious task.

  • Quality Testing/Reference & Syntax tests

Our services help prevent:

  • Syntax issues
  • Incorrect reference type errors

Bad data (invalid characters, invalid patterns) or bad data models (data types, precision, Null) affect the quality of data.

  • Production Validation Testing

In order to ensure accurate, reliable and consistent business information, our ETL Testing and Validation techniques ensure production reconciliation.

  • Application Upgrade/Migration Testing

Adapting your data warehouse to technological changes to be compliant and embracing new/advanced security and performance upgrades is a necessity. Our systematic testing approach with respect to migrating previous data into the new repository helps reduce substantial effort in the pre and post upgrade stage.

Test Automation

Data Quality Validation Tools Expertise

We have vast experience in Automated, semi-automated and manual ETL testing. Our expertise with automated testing tools guarantees that only valid data will be delivered. Some of the popular tools in which we have our expertise are:

Informatica Data Validation
Datagaps ETL Validator
Talend Open Studio for Data Integration
Codoid’s ETL Testing Services
Data Centric Testing
Zuzena Automated Testing Service
99 Percentage ETL Testing