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Key Highlights

  • Key Success: Quicker Resource Ramp up & Improved Testing efficiency
  • Domain: Gaming
  • Duration: 4+ years
  • QA Team: 120
  • Technology: Java & MySQL as backend database server


Our client is a world’s leading billion dollar social media gaming firm who has been on a wild ride in just 8 short years.


They were looking for a QA vendor who has a huge pool of gaming resources, better understanding of gaming logics, vast device inventory and most importantly US presence to liaise with their team at regular intervals.

Application Overview

Online web-browser games, which are designed for the age group above 13.

Business Challenges

gaming-success-story-approchThe client had worked with offshore QA vendor in the past but the unavailability of QA team during development team’s working hours caused a lot of miscommunication and hindered the productivity.

With high competition in the market, client had to ensure that the games are released in the market at the right time as decided by the production team.

Testing Challenges

There was no QA process maintained by the client. So, creating a QA process and adhering to rigid timeline were some of the key challenges faced by us initially.

Secondly, proliferation of OSs and devices have started to rise exponentially, demanding for high maintenance of inventory.

Thirdly, we continuously strived to minimize the cost of QA.

Client Testimonial

“Indiumsoft have been a solid test partner on numerous games across various mobile and console platforms, and they have proven themselves to be a highly flexible and capable organization”

– QA Manager


Our main approach was to focus on Quality of the deliverables and client satisfaction.

We prepared KT document to understand application workflow. With weekly meetings and monthly feedback from the clients, we ensure that we address their concerns and make them understand our standpoint in terms of their expectations. This enabled us to identify the area of improvements and process enhancements for a seamless delivery.

We initiated the CSAT review meetings for all the projects wherein managements of both sides sit together and analyse the progress in terms of quality of delivery, value additions and area of improvements. Thus, building a solid rapport with the client.

Arrangements were made for travel programs wherein Leads/POCs meet their counterparts in person, which in turn improved the communication levels to greater extent and understand in-house QA challenges, process and project scope.

We used Database tools – Jira, Bugzilla and Devtrack & Client’s Proprietary Tools, Automation tools – JMeter, Native Android SDK, Apple Xcode, Flight Builds, SilkMobile with scripting language C & C++


Services Offered: Functionality/Compatibility (Cross Browser-OS)/ Localization/ Automation / Usability/ Alpha / Release / Hack/Security / Compliance Testing services

We have supported 11 games and more than 100 patches till today. An offshore engagement planning phase held to determine the long term resource needs with game development schedules factoring in possible risks of delays. We have been providing streamlined system plan that talks about application’s functionality, objective, scope, and deadline. Some of our productive risk management practices include:

  • Rigorous identification and tracking of risks
  • Day-and-night availability of senior team members on the phone.
  • Day-to-day reporting from India and constant monitoring of the dashboard


A total of 16,000 test cases were developed during the execution of the project. 1.5 lac test cases were executed across all 15 projects and testing was performed on 250 devices

Resource Growth over a period of time

Head Count


August 2012

Head Count


February 2013

Head Count


August 2013

Head Count


February 2014

Head Count


August 2014

Head Count


February 2015

Head Count


June 2015


Business Level


Based on the quality of service we have been delivering so far, there was a direct impact on the client’s CapEX and QA cost over a period of over 2 years.

“Ink is better than the best memory.” Believing this statement, we prepared the QA documentation of the project. With careful documentation, we saved time, efforts and money and brought high levels of QA maturity.

There has been no delay in the game launch as a result of seamless integration with the client’s existing QA and development team.

Delivery Level

The team of 106 members for the duration of over 18 months worked on the customer satisfaction. The rating has been improving consistently since the time we started and keeping up with the rising expectations from the client every quarter.

Back-up Resources

Indium maintained unbilled shadow resource strength of 8% throughout the engagement. Eventually, this helped in delivery continuity.

Productivity of the Resources

Maintained 100 % productivity with the help of our shadow resources and made sure that we complete every project on time.

Flexible Engagement Model

Our flexible engagement model influenced client on ramping up and ramping down of resources on need basis and there was a rapid scalability of resources (from 2 to 114) & infrastructure (4 weeks TAT). We have improved the testing efficiency and maintained it at 80%


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