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Key Highlights

  • Key Success: Manual effort reduced by 95%; 95% Test Efficiency
  • Domain: Banking
  • Duration: 3+ years
  • QA Team: 11
  • Technology: Front End: Java; Date Base: Oracle


Our client is a privately-owned wholesale bank that helps community lenders in New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands advance housing and community growth.

Application Overview

It is a secure online banking application. It is designed to set/update the parameters for the day to day business process and give customers a flexible and time-saving alternative for viewing, printing and downloading reports/data.

Business Challenges

  • No QA Process.
  • Never outsourced IT needs and does not have bandwidth to manage.

Testing Challenges

Test team had to create extensive documentation to achieve objective of being able to measure test effectiveness / coverage.

We had to explore and understand functionality requirement document apart from testing. Requirement gathering was not formal and were shared in emails / over phone.

The other testing challenges were validating features with restricted functionality using different user roles and accommodating maximum test coverage with ad hoc change requests and through various communication channels.


Initial requirement was to conduct gap analysis, set QA process and define QA Roadmap. After sitting- up a QA process, they wanted us to help them automate their regression test cases. Also, they wanted a thorough functional vetting against the requirements to measure effective test coverage & feature completeness and create & maintain reusable test artifacts (High level test scenarios / detailed test cases).

Client Testimonial

“I would like to expend my thanks and appreciation to your team for excellent work. This project demanded a lot work in a short time period of time and your team delivered!”

– QA Manager


To determine the key testing goals as applicable to Mission Critical and Real time Application portfolio was our major task.

Recommendations of best Practices and methodologies

Create check-lists to ensure the application’s functionality and prioritize test coverage.

Ensure sufficient coverage and improve quality of test design.

Create test plan that includes test schedule along with milestones.

Identify test cases for Automation.


Services Offered: QA Consulting, Tool Assessment, Functional Testing – Manual & Automation

We did a 2 week due diligence to understand ‘As-Is’ Process, assess QA Needs and forecast QA Roadmap.

We supported them to set up a QA process, define QA roles & responsibilities and introduce templates, reports & checklists. To ensure high quality code to UAT for all applications, our experts analyzed and suggested improvements to the QA delivery process.

We had peer review on test cases and built a test suite. Our Well defined test strategy provided effective defect management and tracking.

Our team had provided enormous test coverage, seamless execution of regression test suite and captured several relevant matrices to showcase testing progress and results. Deliverables in each phase of the process, including a Testing Plan, Gap Analysis Report, Test Cases, Incidents Report and Reports on Testing Progress were provided.

Used QTP / VB Scripting to automate the functional regression test suite. To ensure reduced cycle time for testing, we recommended a test automation framework for regression testing. Built re-usable test artefacts.

Our testing expertise indicated high level Test improvement opportunities including lowering the Total Cost of ownership of QA services. We provided channelized test data management and test scenario outlines.

Our testing team assessed the requirements, tools, and processes involving Load/ stress testing for the Web based applications / Back-office systems.


A total of 3100 test cases were developed among which 200 defects were found. Manual effort was drastically brought down by 95% for the two automated applications.


Business Level

With over 3 years, we were able to create a strong relationship with our client impacting on the business growth. We were successful in creating a self-sufficient QA team for handling their internal QA needs.

Performed Due Diligence – Understood Client’s QA vision, conducted appropriate Gap Analysis, Established QA process, Laid Test Strategy, Implemented Best Practices, Setup Test Environment, Recommended Process Improvement and QA maturity Roadmap

Prepared a book of knowledge for future training process for their internal use.

Delivery Level

During the initial phase, we uncovered many lurking defects in production environment and over a period of time, ensured zero defect leakage.

Maintained and stabilized test scripts for continuous execution. Built effective test repository

Our test automation framework was much more superior than our competitor’s and helped them reduce the regression cycle time by 40%

Productivity of resources was 110 % (supported during weekends as per the client’s requisite). Manual efforts were reduced by 95% and Test efficiency/coverage of the application was improvised to 95%

Our team designed functional test cases and partial system integration test cases to give thorough business knowledge for developers. We suggested baby step approach for QA maturity.

We made it a point that no additional cost was billed to the customer for the 60 day maintenance activity. Maintaining & stabilizing 3100 test scripts were carried out for continuous execution


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