What makes a game successful? Does it have to do with the gameplay? the aesthetic appeal? bugs been sorted out? These questions have to be answered while testing a game. A productive game testing team should focus on all aspects of the game apart from finding defects. Moreover, a well devised test methodology that draws a fine line between ad-hoc and structured testing is a key to success.

This webinar aims to divulge six key aspects of building a quality game and also share some interesting experiences of our speaker

Held on 29th June 2016
Time: 2 PM EST
Duration: 35 Min

Testing Webinar


  • Impression and appeal of a game
  • Gameplay effect and user involvement
  • Trends that do have an effect on user retention
  • Ad-hoc and destructive testing
  • Involvement of QA focus groups
  • Additional testing focus: Security, Performance & Load / Stress


Sudarshan Ranganathan QA GURU – GAMING, with 14 years of experience in the Video Game industry. His core expertise is within the QA department and has hands on experience on its various functions.

He has extensive expertise in compliance and compatibility having led the division for over 150 titles. Earned a high first-pass success rate during his position there.

Being associated with full-fledged game studios, his role also involved in being a part of the production cycle where he was actively involved in production / design on existing titles as well as new ones.

At Indium, he manages the operations and provides solutions to new and existing clients.

Game Testing Expert sudarshan-ranganathan

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