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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

IP based API Testing Services

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are not just an interface to enable exchange of data between two systems. They play a major role today, as organizations are starting to become accustomed to modern architecture of cloud services and mobile. Indium assesses and validates the quality of API by verifying the code and finding defects using our unique techniques.

Indium has almost 2 decades of experience in testing services including API Testing. Over the past few years we have worked in some of the complex enterprises applications, configuring the database and server as per the applications requirements and validating the quality of API for errors. We specialize in automated API testing for faster and more accurate tests. Through these years we have custom developed our own unique iSAFE framework for automation purposes.

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iSAFE is a customizable framework, which can be integrated with both commercial and open source tools. It helps in automating the process to eliminate the chance of human errors where possible.

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API Validation Services

Service Offering

API’s that are designed poorly are often vulnerable to malicious attacks. We test whether the exposure of API’s carrying any sensitive data is vulnerable to attacks. We also check the authentication, whether the data is encrypted over HTTP or is there any security threats. Add security scans to the existing functional tests to help achieve the task.

Check the performance and scalability of API’s. Test rigorously to see at what point it stops scaling and find the reason behind. Test how an application scales with incremental workload, by building a set of testing scenario.

    • Complexity Testing

Examine the complexity of the test environment. We use the right tool to eliminate the complexity and help to build and execute tests quicker. Create and execute REST API’s, and also automate the process to reduce the complexity.

    • Coverage testing

Measure how much of SOAP or REST web service that is actually covered by your Mock Services, Mock Clients and Functional tests. Test the functions and source lines during unit test runs. We overcome the challenges faced during test coverage in API such as, API call sequencing, schema updates, request data combination and parameter combination.

  • Robustness Testing

Test the robustness of the system under non-standard circumstances. We make sure that the system performs appropriately in stressful environments and exceptional conditions. Test all possible scenarios in which a system could crash. Determine the robustness of server-side and client-side. Make repeated API calls and measure the response times.

API Expertise

Why Indium?

  • Reduce efforts using readymade checklist for API testing
  • iSAFE (IP based API testing)
  • Reusable testware across domains
  • On-demand QA – quick ramp-up / down
  • Skilled in-house employees with extensive knowledge in API testing
  • Experts in maneuvering API validation testing tools
  • Provide periodical reports and dashboards.

API Testing Tools

Most companies are making a shift towards DevOps practice. Automation API Validation Testing plays a vital role when there is a necessity of agile development process. Some of the top API Validation testing tools which we use for our clients are,

Microsoft Test Manager
API Fortress
Karate DSL
REST Assured
REST Sharp