Cloud Based Application Testing Services

Ensure higher Cloud ROI

Today, most firms choose to migrate to Cloud Computing. It helps them to focus on their core business instead of worrying about the investment and maintenance cost of their IT infrastructure. By doing this, IT leaders have realized a lot of agility to their business. Effective provisioning of IT systems and services is a key element of cloud computing..

Interoperability testing, Security testing and Performance testing of applications in cloud environment should be at the top of data center’s pre-release checklist. Indium’s expertise in Testing applications hosted in cloud helps to drive higher RoI, reduce test cycle time and minimize risks. Indium’s robust Test Automation Framework helps achieve these parameters.

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“iSAFE, Indium’s Test Automation Framework, is ‘DevOps Ready”

iSAFE, Indium’s Test Automation Framework, is ‘DevOps Ready’ and Will fit in Seamlessly as Enterprises Streamline Their Software Development to DevOps

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Indium’s Key Service offering around Cloud based applications testing

Interoperability Testing
Ensure cloud resources are platform and systems independent by validating & integrating heterogeneous systems (J2EE / .NET, mainframe & any other legacy systems).
Security Testing
Conduct web application security audit (aligned to OWASP standards)
Load/Performance Testing
Identify bottlenecks, predict scalability and verify the response time, memory and CPU utilization
Data Privacy
Perform Vulnerability Scanning such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Cross Site Forgery, Session Management Testing, web server configuration to name a few for Data Security.
Compatibility Testing
Testing the application across all combinations of Internet browsers and operating systems
Business Logic Testing

A bottom-up approach to functional testing. A complete end to end testing of the various features of the application

Cloud Testing

Indium’s Key Service offering around Cloud based applications testing

  • Facilitates innovation and faster time to market by significantly bringing down regression testing cycle time.
  • Improve scalability & response time of application in a shared environment. Help IT leadership to make right environment capacity planning decision.
  • Keep costs low with an offshore leveraged model – Catalog driven transaction based pricing model.