Web Security Testing Framework


The insecure software is one of the most important technical challenges of our time. The drastic rise in web applications enabling business and social networking has intensified the requirements to establish a strong approach towards securing internet, applications and data. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Testing Guide has an important role to play in solving the security issues. It is critically important that our approach towards testing software for security issues is based on principles of engineering and science. Based on the OWASP guidelines, Indium has produced its own framework. iAVA, Indium’s Anti-Vulnerability Assessment Framework. This tool helps in performing security test execution, manual test penetration, automated application scanning, code review and analysis, log defects, initiate remediation of defects and complete retesting.

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Why iAVA?

The pattern of testing consumes a great deal of time by performing the test scripts on a single device or a single platform or a single browser. Vulnerabilities need to be immediately fixed for improving security features of the application. During the assessment process, security testing team identifies * high, * medium and * low vulnerabilities which make it easier to fix the errors and move forward


Focusing mainly on the different steps that an attacker might follow in order to perform an attack, the methodology tries to use exactly the same discovery and information gathering techniques that will be used by an attacker.

Being composed of different modules that handle specific scanning tasks, it is chained in an intelligent way in order to avoid performing any meaningless vulnerability checks. Based on services that were discovered and properly identified, it only performs vulnerability detection.

It performs the test in a very dynamic manner to optimize speed and performance.

Benefits of iAVA

  • Verifies whether the security mechanisms are trustworthy and the current security architecture adheres to the security policy
  • Helps to find a solution for the vulnerabilities which are exploited repeatedly by attackers to attack weaknesses that organizations have not patched or corrected
  • Being produced with the guidelines of OWASP, it is a perfect platform to bring out a successful output
  • For better securing the network, customer receives proven technical mitigations and recommendations
  • Provides a more comprehensive application evaluation
  • Helps in giving a more detailed view of the threats facing its applications to better protect the systems and data from malicious attacks
  • Enables security teams to focus on mitigating critical vulnerabilities and to discover and classify vulnerabilities making it for easier
Benefits of iAVA