Compatibility Testing Framework


In the recent decades, technological advancement has contributed to the widespread use of internet – it has become an integral part of the human’s life. The first tool required is the browser that helps the end user to navigate the information from the web and move on.

Nowadays, the browsers dominate the worldwide web. It has become business critical for the firms to ensure that their web applications are compatible with the environments of their target audience – the web applications need to be comprehensively tested in compatibility to browsers, OSs etc. iFACT has helped many firms gain the competitive edge by completely eliminating compatibility issues.

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iFACT Architecture

iFACT is Indium’s Framework for Accelerated Compatibility Testing, which enables you to

  • Test your applications across all combinations of internet browsers and desktop OS
  • Reuse Test scripts and minimize time to market
  • Leverage Selenium (open source automation tool) for automating a significant portion of the test framework
  • Analyze the manual Test Cases
  • Customize iFACT
  • Setup Tool
  • Develop Test
  • Automation Suite
  • Review of Test Automation Accelerator Suite by the client QA team
  • Include additional test cases, Applications for a enterprises wide Test Automation Suite