Indium Software Spins off iXie Gaming

Indium Software Spins off iXie Gaming, a Dedicated Game Testing Division,
to Serve Next-generation Game Production Firms

SUNNYVALE, CaliforniaJuly 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

iXie LogoIndium Software, a leading software testing company for over 15 years, announced the launch of iXie Gaming – a dedicated game testing division – today. With its US headquarters in Sunnyvale, California and offshore delivery centers in Bangalore and Chennai, India, iXie will offer game testing solutions to customers globally across Americas, EuropeChinaIndia and rest of the world.

Indium Software, which has been in the business of game testing since 2010, is ranked among the top 5 in this segment and has grown substantially in the last few years. “We wish to unlock the value by rebranding Indium’s Game Testing Practice into a separate division. iXie will provide a strong sense of identity to the game testing team as well as leverage the growing gaming market opportunity by providing relevant testing skills,” explains Ram Sukumar, Co-Founder & CEO, Indium.

Through iXie, Indium aims to leverage the exponential growth predicted for the gaming industry and the exciting new technological developments that will take gaming to a different level. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’ Partner, Mary Meeker, in the widely cited 2017 Internet Trends Report, reports the following data: “Global interactive gaming is becoming mainstream, with 2.6 billion gamers in 2017 versus 100 million in 1995. Global gaming revenue is estimated to be around $100 billion in 2016 and grow year-on-year.” Its integration with virtual reality (VR) headsets is predicted to enhance the gaming experience for users, which will in turn drive market growth. Some of the other developments spurring this growth are the development of high-end sound systems, displays, GPUs, HDTVs with HDMI ports and inherent wireless connectivity.

The backstory 

Indium Software offers testing services to several enterprises, ISVs and start-ups globally. The Gaming Industry, by virtue of making entertainment a serious business, stands apart from the rest in terms of skill sets, approach as well as the infrastructure needed.

gaming evolution

Over the years, Indium has been focusing on continuously enhancing its game testing expertise and currently has a team of over 150 game testers. The team is not just made up of experienced gamers but also includes non-gamers with technical expertise to exhaustively test each game (manual & automation), providing a fresh perspective and covering the unique ways in which a game can be played.

It has also expanded its leadership team to include global experience to tap into emerging trends, understand the pulse of the market and guide the teams through right inputs and insights. The team is expected to grow 200% over the next two years to meet growing demand from its global customers.

Additionally, over the next two years, iXie delivery centers will also be opened in the NCR region and Hyderabad, in addition to the current one in Bangalore.

Ready-to-use Infrastructure 

Indium as an organization believes in testing products on the actual devices rather than on simulators and emulators to capture accurate data on game performance and such.

Therefore, over the years, the Game Testing Lab has been continuously upgraded in terms of infrastructure, to have, in-house, a wide collection of PCs, consoles, mobile devices – across platforms and operating systems. The company will also enhance its Play Station Gaming Lab and Mobile Lab (which has over 300+ devices) and make it ‘next-generation-ready’ to support the roadmap set for iXie.

“We are already a Sony and Microsoft accredited game testing partner. With the launch of iXie, we will be able to deepen our partnership and devise focused strategies catering to the unique requirements of the game production industry,” said Ramesh Krish, CTO at Indium.

Widening Market Reach 

Currently, the game testing division serves several marquee customers in the U.S. and has made in-roads in the Europe and Asia Pacific, as well. With this renewed focus, the company is gearing up to cover more countries in Europe and Asia Pacific, as well as identify new regions to foray into.

Within the company, the launch of iXie was carefully planned to keep in mind the unique needs and opportunities in game testing. Often, as a software testing company, with deep expertise in test automation, there was a pressing need to clearly showcase our game testing expertise. With iXie, we’re emphasizing our renewed commitment to further build on the leadership position we have in game testing, and take specific steps to expand our expertise as the gaming industry evolves with cutting-edge mobile technologies, VR & AR features and immersive 4K gaming experiences.

In short, iXie would like to be long-term partners with game production firms and provide them with cutting-edge, and most importantly, trustworthy, robust Game QA solutions.

About Indium Software

At Indium Software, we’ve been entrenched in the world of software testing since 1999. We’ve built a team of 450+ software and test professionals in our offices in Chennai, Bengaluru, New Jersey, Sunnyvale, London and Kuala Lumpur.

The core of Indium’s objective to servicing our global customers can be explained with this simple line: “We’re small enough to care, large enough to deliver.” We are a preferred testing vendor for enterprise and ISV customers ranging from Fortune 100 to 5000 companies and small to medium enterprises.

Till date, we’ve served over 250 clients in the U.S., and Rest of the World.