Software Automation Framework

Indium’s Software Automation Framework Enhanced (iSAFE) is a customizable and portable software testing framework for web applications. A tool agnostic framework, it can be used across commercial and open source products such as QTP, Selenium, SilkTest, TestComplete, Ranorex, etc and it can work on any scripting language. iSafe also uses XSL transformation for producing custom HTML reports to satisfy different client requirements.

The Customizable and portable

software testing framework for web applications

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Some of the key challenges developers face today include:

iSAFE addresses all these challenges through enhanced customization of automated test scripts, a structured testing methodology, reliable defect detection and efficient root-cause analysis. Indium prefer automation testing over dependency on technically skilled resources

Fast and reliable test automation framework

Maximum test coverage within rigid timeframe

Chaotic test process that increases testing costs

Coverage of all the browsers and operating systems

Maintenance of cost, quality and performance

Big Data Engineering


Advanced Analytics

Blockchain Solutions

Product Development



Big Data Engineering


Advanced Analytics

Blockchain Solutions

Product Development

Press Release

“Next Generation Test Automation Framework``

Indium Software Unveils AI Driven Test Automation Framework – iSAFE 4.0

Key Features of iSAFE

Capability to trigger execution from Mobile device (Android and iOS)

  • The mobile application was developed with React JS – This enables the application to load from Desktop, Tablet devices and Mobile devices
  • The business logic of the mobile application will be accessed from APIs – These APIs can be linked with any application to trigger execution or view the report anywhere around the globe
  • The mobile application comes with different roles and responsibilities – For instance a Manager can view the execution reports of all the projects under him/her, while an Engineer can only start or stop the Execution of projects assigned to them

Capability to integrate with CDCI server

  • A separate flavor of iSAFE developed with the combination of Maven, Java, Source Code Managements (like Git, SVN, etc.,) can be integrated with any CDCI tools like Jenkins, BuildBot, Hudson, Bamboo, Team City, etc.,
  • Execution can be triggered unattended from CDCI server to the target Agents – Nightly builds can also be scheduled for execution
  • Execution of Test Suite when the Developer pushes a new build to the application can also be configured from CDCI server

Enhanced, Drill down Reporting

  • The new and improved iSAFE is loaded with detailed analytical reports, it is upgraded with a smarter look and feel and easy access to Business users and Stake holders
  • Single page report with multiple Tabs for each reporting feature (like Node wise report, Module wise report, Failure report, Test Case wise report)
  • Improved Graphs and charts for better interpretation

iSAFE Advantage

iSAFE allows extensive test coverage using automation, decreasing the need for human intervention and the resulting human errors, thereby improving the quality of the end product.

Advantages of iSAFE include:

Reusability of the test scripts, leading to reduction in cost and time to market

Less effort and cost to maintain the test scripts and test data

Comprehensive test result report with varied analytics

Robust, scalable and easy to use

Tool agnostic

Vast coverage

iSAFE is data key-driven, providing exhaustive log files and reports. It provides multiple options to keep the stakeholders informed and supports test reporting in multiple formats.

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