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Indium, which has been in the business of game testing since 2010, is ranked among the top 5 in this segment. Indium unlocks the value by rebranding game testing into a separate division called iXie Gaming. iXie will provide a strong sense of identity to the game testing team as well as leverage the growing gaming market by providing relevant testing skills.

The team has wide experience in supporting more than 150 titles covering various genres from pre-alpha phase to release candidates. We continue to support games post release for maintenance and patches / DLC / updates. We also assist games with dev testing, focus groups, forum support, community managers and game admins.

Our Game Testing Lab is available 24×7 to test multi-platform games on the actual devices, be it PC, Console or Mobile.

Our team keeps an eye out for the issues that can potentially crash or break the game. We would like to break it before the users do! Functional, compliance and compatibility are the main cores of game testing and we have a dedicated team to provide support for the same. The team is also well versed in other aspects of testing like playthrough, multiplayer, regression, smoke, destructive testing, game balancing, integrity checks etc. It’s a standard practice to use checklists/test cases to minimize the amount of ad-hoc testing

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Real Device and Real People for Game Testing

Testing Competency on Interactive Multimedia

PC / Web Games
Mobile Games
Console Games
Handheld games

The testing team comprises of veterans in the gaming industry coupled with hardcore gamers. We have adopted the best practices working with various clients to bring forth a high quality of delivery. Adding a robust training program, the team is more than equipped to handle any title.

Press Release

“Next-generation Console Game Testing”

Indium Software Gears up for Next-generation Console Game Testing for PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S

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Indium Game Testing Offerings

Functionality Testing
  • Game stability
  • Ad Hoc Testing
  • Structured Testing
  • Multiplayer Testing
  • Visual / Audio / Text Checks
  • Destructive testing
Compliance Testing for Mobile
  • Windows Mobile TCR
  • Apple Requirements
  • Android Requirements
Compliance Testing for
PC and Console
  • Game for Windows Requirements
  • PCTRC for PC / Web games
  • Sony TRC Requirements
Compliance Testing for
Mobile Devices
  • Lead Devices
  • Tier 1 Devices
  • Tier 2 Devices
Compatibility Testing for PC
    • Hardware Combinations
    • OS Combinations
    • Browser Combinations
    • Installation Tests
    • Stability / Smoke Tests
Game QA Analysis
  • Usability testing
  • Game play experience
  • Rule adherence
  • Difficulty Levels
Additional Support
  • Focus groups
  • Game admins
  • Community managers
  • Forums support