Next-generation Console Game Testing

Indium Software Gears up for Next-generation Console Game Testing for
PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S

SUNNYVALE, California, February 6, 2017/ Press Release/ —

Indium Software, a global independent software testing services company, announced its readiness to offer console game testing, as the industry prepares for the release of Gen-9 games. It will support testing on 4K resolution (Ultra HD) for both PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S.

The opportunity in Gaming

The global video gaming industry is estimated to grow from $71.3 billion in 2015 to $90.1 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 4.8 percent, according to recent a study by Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Traditional console games are expected to grow from $13.9 billion in 2015 to $16.1 billion in 2020.

According to Grand Review Research, the popularity of console games in the coming years is expected to be boosted by new and advanced audio visual devices. The gaming experience will be enhanced because of high-end sound systems, displays, HDTVs with HDMI ports and inherent wireless connectivity.

Xb-PS4Some of the key trends that are expected to change the gaming experience include Virtual Reality, physically collaborative games, augmented reality and incremental console updates.

Indium has upgraded its dedicated game testing facility with Gen-9 consoles, especially PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – to meet this growing need.

“Indium Software is among the Top 5 game testing companies globally. We are very excited to build on this strength by adding capabilities in console game testing to meet the growing demand. Specifically, VR and AR are going to revolutionize gaming and the QA testing process is critical to deliver a good experience to a gamer,” said Ram Sukumar, Co-Founder and CEO, Indium Software.

Testing Process that understands finer nuances

By nature, console games are deeper, having more levels and complexities. Aimed at serious gamers, console games can go anywhere from 5-6 hours to 400+ hours of playability. You read it right, 400+ hours!

Now to keep a gamer involved for 400+ hours requires some key retention aspects, considering that the current generation of gamers tend to flit from one game to another in the blink of an eye. Therefore, testing for the game involves more than design, gameplay mechanics, functionalities and usability. The tester needs to assess the game for its focus, retention capabilities, performance and its sense of purpose to be a success.

As the console gaming industry gets ready for the ninth generation of consoles with advanced features, testing requirements too are going up. At Indium Software, we’ve upgraded our testing process, keeping in mind the following emerging trends:

  • Faster/Episodic Releases: Programmers today deliver games faster due to development in the agile environment, as seen with TellTale Games and Eidos Interactive’s latest releases. A testing team that understands agile and is prepared, is essential to keep pace and deliver quality on time.
  • Collaboration: QA gets involved in Scrum meetings along with dev team and governance calls, actively involved in the development of the game. QA also provides feedback on quality of game to improve its retention capabilities.
  • Right Infrastructure: Having the right equipment for testing in real-time can improve the results of performance and functionality testing. This gives an accurate picture of how the game will perform in real life and catch errors faster.
  • Thinking Beyond the Obvious: While ‘straight through’ playing during testing is important, it is not enough. A player in real life can play in many ways, and the tester needs to be able to anticipate these moves to make sure the game performs whatever the player’s capability. This requires experienced gamers, testers and a fresh perspective.

Getting internally ready to serve the most exciting gaming companies

Ramesh Krishnamurthy, CTO, Indium Software, says, “We have the required technical expertise as well as deep experience in game testing, having been in the field for the last two decades. Our team consists of gamers of different genres with forty+ years of cumulative experience in console gaming, as well as non-gamers who bring a fresh perspective. With the infrastructure also in place, we are very upbeat about the future of console game testing at Indium.”

game-testingIndium also runs iGTA, our Game Testing Academy, to constantly train and upgrade our expertise. While Game Testing requires specific expertise and skills, we’re convinced of the market opportunity in this booming segment. Gaming also requires people who’re creative, patient and attentive. In addition to looking for these characteristics while hiring, iGTA’s training methodology inculcates these aspects into all our gamers,” he adds.

The gaming team consists of veterans who have been working on console-based testing since the 6th generation of consoles. Specialists on standards and submission testing are also part of the process, and enjoy a first-pass ratio of over 90 percent. Exclusive testers specializing in TRC (Technical Requirement Checklist) and TCR (Technical Certification Requirements) are also part of the team, thus ensuring holistic testing of gaming products. The team will support testing on 4K resolution (Ultra HD), with specific prior expertise for games on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S.

With the right team, right equipment and the right process in place, Indium Software is gearing up to offer next-generation console game testing services to its clients and serve as a trusted long-term partner for game development firms globally.

About Indium Software

At Indium Software, we’ve been entrenched in the world of software testing since 1999. We’ve built a team of 450+ software and test professionals in our offices in Chennai, Bengaluru, New Jersey, Sunnyvale, London and Kuala Lumpur.

The core of Indium’s objective to servicing our global customers can be explained with this simple line: “We’re small enough to care, large enough to deliver.” We are a preferred testing vendor for enterprise and ISV customers ranging from Fortune 100 to 5000 companies and small to medium enterprises.

Till date, we’ve served over 250 clients in the U.S., and Rest of the World.