Next Generation Test Automation Framework

Indium Software’s Next Generation Test Automation Framework With
Enhanced Analytics and Visual Dashboards

PRINCETON, New Jersey and CHENNAI, January 9, 2017 /Press Release/ —

Indium Software, a global independent software testing services company, announced the launch of iSAFE 3.5, the next generation of its test automation solution. The key features in Indium’s iSAFE include built-in-analytics, cloud readiness, DevOps readiness, database independent testing and next generation of visual dashboards.

The backstory– birth of iSAFE

In 2011, when renowned Silicon Valley venture capitalist Marc Andreessen wrote his seminal essay titled ‘Software is eating the world’ for a leading daily, he was referring to how every industry in this world will be disrupted by software. He was, of course, referring to how several sectors from agriculture and life sciences to manufacturing and retail were turning to software, web and mobile applications to help improve their processes, efficiency and even core operations.

i-safe v-3.5One key result of this ‘software-ized world, is the need for constant product updates, fixes and launch of newer versions. Indium Software, as a leading independent testing services company, saw the opportunity to develop test automation frameworks, keeping in mind reduced time-to-market and highly efficient product development lifecycles.

In today’s world, product managers and technology leaders are hoping their Quality Assurance (QA) teams are ready to implement rapid testing processes and that’s where iSAFE (Indium’s Software Automation Framework Enhanced) fits in. iSAFE has been designed to be tool agnostic; meaning it works across various test automation tools including QTP/UFT, LeanFT, Selenium/Appium, SilkTest, TestComplete, Genie, and Ranorex.

In addition to iSAFE, Indium Software has developed multiple frameworks – iMOBI for mobile app test automation, iAVA for security testing using Indium’s Anti-Vulnerability Assessment Framework and iFACT for easy browser compatibility testing.

Indium‘s approach to automation

Testing requires an understanding of not just the tool itself, but know-how about the users it is targeted for, and the purpose for which a particular tool is used. A pre-scripted, automated tool can often be rigid and limiting. The results will throw up a collection of bugs, but there would be no way for a QA tester to differentiate between the critical and non-critical ones.

The product team at iSAFE put together a list of common testing challenges, hoping to solve each of them with our test automation framework.

  1. A chaotic process will increase test costs and time
  2. While maximum test coverage in minimum time was crucial, the best automation process would be able to differentiate between critical and non-critical bugs
  3. Maintenance of test scripts for multiple browsers and operating systems was a challenge
  4. Testing process, often, had to be stopped on finding bugs in the critical path
  5. Even with test automation, customization and portability were crucial

Indium Software has been entrenched in the world of software testing since 1999. As an independent vendor, the company has had the experience of using multiple test tools in a variety of contexts and serving customers from a cross-section of industries, including technology, retail, gaming, banking, healthcare, life sciences and education sectors. It is this experience that was brought to the fore while building the next-generation of iSAFE.

key featuresWe believe some of the key differentiations of using iSAFE are the following:

  1. Higher reusability of test scripts; reduced time for script maintenance
  2. Run compatibility tests in parallel, thus reducing test time
  3. Uninterrupted test process, even on failure
  4. Reduced dependency of technically skilled resources
  5. A wonderfully designed dashboard for reporting of test results that are contextual and meaningful for taking key decisions
  6. Perform database and API test automation
  7. Last but not the least – ensure a better quality software

This new version of iSAFE (version 3.5) includes the following key features: cloud readiness to help clients run testing processes over the cloud, DevOps testing approach to ensure continuous improvement and delivery, visual dashboards with enhanced reporting, next generation of memory utilization reports and reports to spot cause-and-effect.

Over the years, Indium Software has developed a proven approach to stay at the forefront of software development methodologies, a key aspect necessary to build better testing frameworks. At Indium, the belief is: As “software eats the world”, it is important to ensure that it is “high-quality software” that is doing the job.

About Indium Software

At Indium Software, we’ve been entrenched in the world of software testing since 1999. We’ve built a team of 450+ software and test professionals in our offices in Chennai, Bengaluru, New Jersey, Sunnyvale, London and Kuala Lumpur.

The core of Indium’s objective to servicing our global customers can be explained with this simple line: “We’re small enough to care, large enough to deliver.” We are a preferred testing vendor for enterprise and ISV customers ranging from Fortune 100 to 5000 companies and small to medium enterprises.

Till date, we’ve served over 250 clients in the U.S., and Rest of the World.