Mobile Test Automation Services

Quick launch of better mobile app

With the smart phone applications becoming widely in practice across domains, challenges producing a quality mobile application become difficult making testing most likely topping the list.

Manual testing cannot simply maintain with the short durations of test cycles often allied with rapid mobile application development practices. Moreover, the repetitive landscape of testing on various evolving Platforms/OSs/Browsers offer a perfect context for planning mobile test automation.

Mobile automation testing for most companies is still in its initial stages lacking well-defined procedures or business approaches to meet their requirements. Abridged test cycles combined with rapid development brings unique value. In the competitive market, most business face huge quality assurance threats with lack of support and expertise for testing, lack of usability strategies and principles.

With Indium’s Mobile Application Testing, we bridge the gap between your business and technology needs. Assimilating seamlessly with your QA and business analytics, we confirm high-quality and supreme results.

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Mobile App Testing

Mobile Application Testing

Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

System Testing

Integration & System Testing

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Indium has the deep proficiency to help you

  • To line up with their business needs and evaluate their case of mobile test requirements (Functional, Usability, Non Functional, Compatibility, etc)
  • Make a roadmap for mobile testing, together with essential elements of planning and execution during the life cycle of application
  • Maintain the infrastructure for testing on various mobile platforms
  • Articulate proper structure for mobile application testing with planned test automation and special attention for future scalability
  • Offer unified methodology for testing Mobile applications

Mobile Testing Automation Framework

For an effective Test automation solution for Mobile Testing the right automation Framework is required. Indium has its own framework iMobi– Indium’s Mobile Automation Framework.

Indium ensures that the product/software application behaves as desired across a broad set of user/client systems and configurations.


Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, iPad, Samsung Tab to name a few


Various Combinations of Browsers and Operating Systems


All versions of Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera

Operating Systems

Windows, iOS, Android, Symbian

Objectives of our Testing


Form self-assurance in the actions of your mobile applications across devices and platforms


Avoid negative influences to the brand
and revenue streams