Regression Testing

Minimizes test cycle time

Indium, with the end-to-end manual regression testing services, assures reliable, repeatable authentication of every release and software structures to help the clients accomplish their goals. Over the years, Indium has worked with the unique challenges that come from client’s industry. It has assisted us to shape the right practice and expertise across industries.

Manual Regression Testing Service at Indium is grounded on the standard of attaining more with less – providing extreme test coverage with least number of test cases leading to a minimal cost of assessment and threat. Our solutions assist you to regulate when to stop testing, and help arrange, and classify the regression test suite to make sure maximum coverage at a minimal cost. With our ductile staffing, regression testing is done swiftly when an accidental error occurs during development and resolved from the initial state to minimize the risk of defect leakage.

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regression testing

Indium has several years of software testing experience, which is brought to endure while designing and emerging vigorous test cases – authorizing a high degree of re-usability and consistency. Our test execution controls advanced risk based methods to recognize wedged functionalities more proficiently.

Benefits of Indium’s Manual Regression Testing

  • Cost-effective
  • Averts the occurrence of new errors
  • Saves time and aids projects to stay on path
  • Deliver accuracy in regression testing to ease maximum coverage through minimal number of test cases
  • Rise the efficiency and competency of quality assurance applications
  • Lessen time to market

Rendering to detail test execution plans, our QA testers execute manual regression testing to authenticate software use cases in all supported structures.

Indium’s Manual Regression testing service offering is an exclusive combination of best-in-class technical approaches and procedures. With the application developing from one release to the next, this approach permits us to recognize obstructed functionalities efficiently. The cost-benefit regression model aids QA teams strike a fine stability between test selection and fault exposure. It arranges testing in a manner that diminishes the risk of defect leakage into production.