Technology Escrowing Services

Technical Verification & QA Audit

An extremely niche offering that is used in Technology Escrow engagements. Technology Escrow Service helps to ensure the basic license validation details of the owned software – licensor is adequate and complete. For any critical software, technical verification testing can be conducted on deposit materials.

Indium performs third party technical verification/ QA audit on the software and other related assets to verify that the source code files, executable programs, the database schema, tables, configuration files, batch files and other included documentation/directions that are to be placed into escrow are identical to that of one licensed to the beneficiary.

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Technology Escrowing Services

Service Offerings Include

  • File listing audit – Build/Production, Test Environments, Build Process, Packaging process and deployment process
  • Platform audit (hardware and software prerequisite)
  • Database audit
  • Build/production and compile audit
  • Application installation testing to ensure functionality
  • Submit a test verification report based on the study