iSAFE, Indium’s Test Automation Framework, is ‘DevOps Ready’

iSAFE, Indium’s Test Automation Framework, is ‘DevOps Ready’ and Will fit in Seamlessly as Enterprises Streamline Their Software Development to DevOps

PRINCETON, New JerseyMarch 6, 2017 /Press Release/ —

Indium Software, a global independent software testing services company, announces its readiness for product development in the DevOps environment with their IP-led test automation solution.

In today’s world of software development, the adoption of DevOps principles has become mainstream. According to a survey conducted by Right-scale with over 1000 technology leaders of large enterprises, over 74 percent of them adopted DevOps methodologies in their software development process. According to Research and Markets, DevOps-based Platform adoption is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.42 per cent between 2016 and 2020.

So, what does the term DevOps mean in today’s context? It is synergising the goals of software development, IT operations and testing teams for smooth transition between the three stages, using process methodologies such as Extreme Programming, Agile, Lean and Six Sigma.

Based on Indium’s ongoing testing engagements on DevOps Platforms for its clients, it has identified and addressed the following critical testing needs:

  1. Ensuring maturity and readiness for DevOps adoption
  2. QA for simultaneous deployment across multiple platforms
  3. Greater support for testing cloud-based applications
  4. QA in rapid deployment scenarios
  5. Testing of applications that use a hybrid of physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure

Test Automation that is DevOps and Cloud Ready

While ‘DevOps’ aspires to break the wall and accelerate software deployment, Development and Operations still work in silos due to using different set of tools, that may or may not talk to each other. “This is particularly so in legacy organisations where the mindset needs to change, as well as processes and tools that integrate the entire process. While migrating to DevOps principles may look easy on paper, the real challenge lies in ensuring quality software. As cycle time reduces, a robust test automation framework is a super-critical component of DevOps adoption. Our ‘cloud and DevOps-ready’ test automation framework, iSAFE, is devised specifically to address this opportunity,” explains Ramesh Krish, CTO, Indium Software.

QA needs to be able to manage Change Management, Release Approvals, Continuous Integration, Health Check and Defect Management. Indium Software, along with the DevOps team at a client location, creates a blueprint of the product before the actual development to effectively guide every stage of the development lifecycle, giving development, testing and operations teams a quick referral to ensure it is as planned and on schedule. Traditional manual testing runs complimentary to the needs of the DevOps environment.

With framework-based Test Automation, Indium ensures 50% lower chance of failure rates, ensures shorter, development lifecycles, 3x reduction in cost and  12x faster service restoration.

Indium Software backs the automation framework with skilled resources, tools management for continuous improvement, legacy-to-cloud migration and enhanced collaboration within teams.

As a result of automation, Indium ensures jumpstarting of the test process, freeing up manual testing resources to focus on explorative and context-based scenarios, communicating bugs accurately to the DevOps team, consistently passing smoke and sanity checks, Reusability and Traceability.

“We are very excited about being a part of this DevOps revolution and the next-generation of iSAFE Test Automation Framework will not only enable continuous software deployment but also ensure quality control,” adds Ramesh.

At a glance, these are some features of iSAFE that support DevOps principles:

  • Jumpstart Feature: Does not need testers to know coding, making it easy for them to write scripts only for new features quickly. Its in-built 7 readily automated and pluggable components help testers understand how much automation is needed for an app. Since DevOps involves multiple builds even in a single day, the framework can handle 7-8 builds per day.
  • Reusability: New scripts need not be written every time. The reusable test cases are stored in a library that can be recalled as and when needed, thus enabling quick tests and retests.
  • Rapid Traceability: Easy identification of features that are affected due to any changes, thus reducing bug fixing time.
  • Smoke and Sanity Tests: Tool agnostic framework validates Smoke/Sanity, end-to-end regression and continuous integration testing
  • 360-degree Automated Reporting: Robust test reporting and DevOps live dashboard help the development and operations team take corrective action.

iSAFE is part of Indium’s iAccelerator brand of IP-driven frameworks and is supported by iFACT and iMobi, which ensure cross-browser and cross-device compatibility

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