Testing Enterprise Application

Today technological solutions are varied in their need for addressing the emerging trends and tomorrow’s challenges. Every new software product/application has to go through rigorous acid tests in various known and emerging technological environments to make sure it meets the highest quality and industry benchmarks. In a way, the complexity of technology itself is one of the major reasons for the failure of numerous software and applications.

Typically, our clients in this segment have software products that are: modular, fully interoperable and cloud-ready!

While these clients help build transformative products to serve their customers, we help them to deliver key metrics around high quality products, aggressive time to market and optimized RoI on testing spend.

Indium as a company tailors QA Solutions to what its clients need rather than what it has – it does this through a well-articulated Consultative and Solution based approach. We do a double analysis, practice due diligence, gather information from the clients and get to the roots of the problem. We have always been able to position our services in the context of client needs. Understanding the technology and ability to articulate the QA solution in a contextual manner has been a unique advantage that our clients have appreciated.

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