Webinar on Building the Product Right or Right Product

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These are two different worlds, the old & the new. Opinion and perception does matter. Are we then surprised about Agile? The talk will highlight the challenges, intricacies and best practices involved in creating a world-class product given the technology & user requirement dynamics.

Held on 30th September 2015
Time: 3 PM EST
Duration: 35 Min (QA session for 5 min)

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  • Effectively converting customer’s ‘needs’ & ‘wants’ into functionality & features
  • Why being domain aware is a must today
  • Tuning to requirement changes ‘on-the-go’
  • Greater shift towards ‘meeting requirements = Quality’
  • Role of QA Testing in current scenario
  • Balancing between ‘getting the right product’ and ‘getting the product right’


Ramesh-KrishRamesh – CTO is responsible for Indium’s solutions delivery and technology initiatives.

Ramesh has over 20 years of experience in the Information technology industry in both entrepreneurial and senior management roles. He is a thought leader in the Software Testing vertical having spent the past decade managing operations and delivery for customers across the globe spanning Software Quality Assurance & Testing services.

Ramesh is also serving as President of Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN) Chapter, Chennai. His previous stint was with Lister Technologies as Vice President of the Software Testing Practice. Prior to Lister, he was Executive Director, Amitysoft Technologies one of the pioneers in the Indian software testing industry.

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