ai in test automation

Webinar – Ai in Test Automation

Held on 15th Nov 2017
Webinar: “Ai in Test Automation”
was conducted by Arvy Ashokan, AVP, Indium Software.

Addressing Top 5 Game QA Concerns

Held on 11th Oct 2017
Webinar: “Addressing Top 5 Game QA Concerns” was conducted by Sree Ram, Gaming Expert @ iXie Gaming.

Integrating Telerik Tests in Visual Studio

Integrating Telerik Tests in Visual Studio

Held on 15th March 2017
This workshop will unveil some of the
key challenges in
integration of the Telerik scripts

free workshop jmeter as your performance discovery tool

JMeter as Your Performance Discovery Tool

Held on 26th October 2016
This workshop will demonstrate performance & load testing of the application using JMeter 3.0

game testing webinar

6 Key Aspects of Building a QUALITY Game

Held on 29th Jun 2016
This webinar aims to divulge six key aspects of building a quality game

qa or the highway success story grid

QA Or The Highway

Held On 16th February 2016
Ramesh Krish as one of the eminent speakers at ‘QA Or The Highway’, Columbus.

test automation meetup grid

NYC Enterprise Mobility Meetup

Held on 4th February 2016
Join the NYC Enterprise mobility Meetup – ‘Mobile Test Automation Strategy – Where Do We Begin?’

Mobile test automation in 2 weeks

Mobile Test Automation in 2 weeks

Held on 17th Nov & 10th Dec 2015
This webinar provides insights on developing a customizable light weight mobile automation…

building product right webinar grid

Building the Product Right or Right Product

Held on 30th September 2015
This webinar discussed the challenges, intricacies and best practices involved…

21 cfr part 11 testing webinar

21 CFR Part 11 – FDA Compliance & Validation

Held on 28th January 2015
This webinar discussed the basics of 21 CFR Part 11 requirements and practical techniques